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You are getting married! CONGRATULATIONS!

Wedding Videography is an AMAZING way to help relive your special day in a way that photography alone, just cannot do. With beautiful imagery, songs that match your style, and being able to hear your voices over the top of a well edited video, this is a special way to remember one of the most important milestones of your life!

Dori and Austin Highlights

Haley and Noah

Kaitlyn and Dustin Highlights

Mikayla and Zack

Want to see more videos? Click our link below!

Visiting Professionals!

I am SUPER CRAZY EXCITED to share this with you all! We have some friends from Oakland University who run an internet television show called 'Visiting Professionals'. Back on 8-18-18, they followed us around on a wedding shoot. This video gives a GREAT perspective on videography as it pertains to weddings! If you are considering hiring a videographer for your all important special day, consider watching this video!

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