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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been shooting video?

Jeremy recently discovered a photo where he was filming his great grandfather's 80th birthday party back in 1993! So we're talking over 30 years! That's more than the age of most of our competition!!! Emily first picked up a camera when she and Jeremy started dating back in 2013. So combined, we have over 40 years of experience!

Do you also offer photography?

We do not offer wedding photography. Our philosophy is that we wanted to focus on only doing one thing and doing that one thing extremely well!

If you are stumped on who to hire for your photographer, or you would just like a few more options to look at, shoot us a message and ask! We have a few that we constantly recommend not only because they are awesome people, but they are absolutely amazing photographers as well!


Are you available for our date?

We are constantly booking on a first come, first serve basis! We take a limited amount of weddings per year as to not burn us out and so that we can give every couple the attention they deserve. The best way to see if we are available for your special day is to send us a message!

How much are your packages?

We provide a 'starting price' of $1500. And depending on certain aspects of your day, the package prices may fluctuate slightly. Send us a message and we can get some details and provide you with a better idea of the cost of our services!

How long will my video be?

Every couple receives their full ceremony in its entirety. If your ceremony is 1 hour long, the video of your ceremony will be 1 hour long. If it is 15 minutes long, your ceremony video will be 15 minutes long. Your reception video length is determined by the duration of time that all your events take place. All of our couples receive their grand entrance, full speeches/toasts, first dance(s), cake cutting... etc. And the length is determined by how long those events last. Some couples choose to get messages from their friends and family. The length of that video is dependent upon how long your friends and family talk. Your highlight video will be anywhere from about 5 to 10 minutes long. We really can't be any more specific than that because we don't know what all is going to happen in your day. Typically, if you write your own vows, do a first look, have amazing speeches and toasts, have many 'events' scheduled for your reception, then your highlight film will usually be on the longer end. If your ceremony is 15 minutes long, you don't write your own vows, your best man and maid of honor each give a 30 second speech, you don't do any first looks, and you only dance at the reception, then your video will most likely be on the shorter side. 

What is a highlight video?

Jump over to our Home page. Those 4 videos are examples of our highlight videos!

Can we choose our own music?

Short answer - no. 

Long answer - We are legally bound to use music that we pay a fee to use. Generally speaking, 'popular' songs cost lots of money to be able to use legally, and couples usually don't want to have to pay that fee. Also, our highlight videos tend to be very spoken word heavy. We like to use as much spoken word audio from your day and we don't want a song that has lyrics to compete to be heard over your spoken words from your day. With that said, we tend to use instrumental songs for our videos. Lastly, every couple is different and their day is special. The way your day 'flows' combined with how we shot it really plays a huge part in the music that we choose for your video. Sometimes it's slow and romantic while other times it's very fast and highly energetic. We spend a lot of time looking for that perfect song that fits the vibe of your day. 

What is raw footage?

Raw footage is every single frame of video that we shot on your day. We'll usually shoot anywhere from 5 hours to 10 hours of footage, and obviously not all of that will make it in either of your final videos. So, if you want to see EVERYTHING, raw footage might be an option to look into. 

Note - we do not include audio files from our external audio recorders in your raw files. You do get the audio that the cameras captured, but not the microphones that we attach to people or the dj board. Raw footage is for your enjoyment only, and it is not allowed to be uploaded anywhere in any form. 

How do you accept payments?

We accept Venmo, Paypal, Check, Cash, Zelle and Credit Cards

Can we meet you first?

Sure! However, since we don't charge travel fees, we tend to get booked far away from our home city, so we typically don't meet with our couples beforehand. But that doesn't mean we won't be willing to meet you, just ask!

Can you use your drone during our wedding?

Yes! There are some restrictions when it comes to flying our drone. We cannot fly indoors. We cannot fly within 5 miles of an airport or a prison. And we will not fly in inclement weather. Other than that, any chance we get to get that drone up in the air, we are all over it!

How/when will I receive my video?

We put your videos on a personalized thumb drive and we mail it to you, along with a few other goodies. Your highlight film gets uploaded to youtube so you can share it with friends and family and social media. Our goal for final delivery is roughly 3 months. Sometimes it takes a lot less time, and sometimes it unfortunately takes longer, but 3 months is what we shoot for. 

What are guest/family messages?

If you are to receive messages from friends and family, what we like to do is wait until the end of the night when the alcohol has been flowing a bit and we gather up groups of people (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, work associates...) and we get them together and give them a microphone and let them loose! We record their private messages to you and the hilarity that ensues! Sometimes these are nice and sweet, and sometimes they are so wild and crazy that they end up being the couple's favorite aspect of the video!

What is your covid cancellation/reschedule policy?

First of all, covid SUCKS! We try to be as flexible as possible during these times while also being fair and realistic. With that said, if you have to reschedule your date and we are available on your new date, we simply just move along with you to your new date with no extra fees. If you flat out cancel your date, you lose your $500 booking fee. If you move your date to a date that we are already booked, you lose your booking fee UNLESS we book another couple for the date you had originally scheduled with us. Also, we can not and will not be expected to go against any laws or executive orders that are put in place by any local/federal governing agencies. If you are knowingly going forward with your wedding day and you are over capacity (or whatever violation you choose to break), we will not be in attendance with you and you will forfeit your booking fee and will not receive any video product from us. 

Note - it is unfortunate that during these times, we have had venues lie to couples and tell them that they are 'allowed' to hold events when they legally are not able to. The golf course that you are getting married at is not classified as a 'church/religious location' just because you are having a wedding there. Your reception venue is not classified as a restaurant just because they will be serving food to you that day. We are way more concerned about the health and safety of you and your guests (as well as ourselves), and we are taking the covid regulations seriously. Trust us, we want to be with you on your special day, but we value the well-being of everyone involved above all else. 

We are constantly updating this page. If there is anything you feel we have missed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask!

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